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Four children wearing Cath Kidston backpacks
Back to School: The Essential Guide for Parents

The summer holidays are upon us, but the kids will be going back to school before you know it. After a summer of adventures with your little ones, it’s time to prepare them for another school year. There will be fresh starts and exciting new beginnings. To help you prepare, Cath Kidston has put together an essential survival guide for parents on getting your kids back to school-ready.

This season our Little Trailblazers collection has been designed so our children can go back to school with colour, print and purpose. This collection is uplifting and purposeful, full of positivity, colour and joy and celebrates young people who see things differently. It features backpacks and bags in our bold and empowering Pinball print and eye-catching Paper Pansies pattern. The collection is underpinned with uplifting sentiments of strength and courage and includes sustainable options, such as our Recycled Rose bags, to be kinder to the planet.

A variety of eight kids backpacks in Cath Kidston prints
What to pack for school: new year essentials

There are some essential supplies every little one needs for a successful start to the school year. And what says a new school year more than a pencil case full of shiny, new stationery? New pens and pencil cases were definitely one of our favourite parts of going back to school.

We recommend investing in a robust kids’ school bag designed to withstand their adventures – and our kids’ backpacks have been tried and trusted by parents over decades, known for being strong, durable and dependable. All in hand-painted prints designed for mighty imaginations, from our new Pinball and Paper Pansies prints to our much-loved Unicorn, Dinosaur and Space Kids styles..

If your child is ready for a new backpack (and when aren't they!) we suggest you get one now, as we are currently offering a free water bottle with every medium or large style.

Don’t forget about the essentials that go inside the backpack either – brand-new colourful pens and pencils will spark their imagination and have them eager to get back to school to put them to use. Organise their new stationery in pencil cases that match their new bag for a perfectly coordinated kit.

The night before their first day of school, get their bag packed in advance. You can even do it as you pack your own work backpack to get things done twice as fast. Efficiency is key when preparing for back to school.

How to get ready for back to school: bring joy to new routines

Sometimes, the most challenging aspect of preparing your kids for going back to school is getting everyone back into a bedtime and morning routine. Yes, that does include the parents too.

One of the best ways to encourage your kids to look forward to bedtime is to make it an enjoyable activity. There’s fun to be found wherever you look for it. Kit them out in some fun printed that they’ll be eager to get into, and make sure you’ve got kids’ bedding sets in their favourite prints and colours, too. After all, who wouldn’t want to jump into bed when it’s covered in rocket ships ready for their next trip around the moon? Reading them their favourite bedtime story is a classic – but you could switch it up and do some wind-down crafting such as colouring in – perfect for a little mindfulness before bed, too.

Sharing in a crafty activity before school can also encourage your children to get out of bed in the morning. We’ve put together a guide on how to get your kids interested in arts, including recommendations based on their age group, to kickstart this lifelong passion.

Alternatively, if they have a favourite cooked or baked breakfast like eggs on toast or wholemeal muffins, get baking with them. It’s much easier to get out of bed knowing that you’ll be doing something you love with your parents before school. Have your mugs of squash ready for them when they tuck into their handiwork for essential hydration.

Boy and girl each in a single bed with Cath Kidston bedding
Two boys and two girls in Cath Kidston clothing
Organise your after-school activities in advance

After a big day at school, your kids will be excited to get home and spend some quality time with you. Planning out your afterschool and weekend activities is a great way to keep their minds occupied in the hours before bedtime.

If you’re looking for some time away from screens, we have plenty of art tutorials so you and your kids can recreate some classic prints and characters, like Desert Cowboy, Seaside Shells, and even one of our favourite Mr Men Little Miss characters, Little Miss Giggles.

The end of summer doesn’t mean you have to put an end to outdoor activities either. An autumn walk through some crisp, crunchy leaves on a Sunday afternoon is the perfect way to end a busy but fun week.

When do kids go back to school?


For most children in England, the new school year will start on Monday 5th September 2022. Don’t worry though – you can still stock up on school essentials using the Cath Kidston website with multiple delivery options, or shop in-store.