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Bright Side Stories - Cath Kidston
How to Make a Crepe Cake with Manon Lagreve for Pancake Day - Cath Kidston
Baking with Manon: Honey Crêpe Gateau for Pancake Day

Not to pick favourites, but when it comes to our Great British Bake Off contestants of choice, Manon Lagrève will always have a little piece of our heart. From that very first biscuit selfie (remember?), hers has got to be one of our all-time best-loved journeys to have followed. She continues to bring us joy and sweet-cravings through her blog Manon’s Little Kitchen. And having learnt to bake with her mother and grandmother while growing up in France, who better to treat us to a handy-how-to Crêpe guide, especially for pancake day.

So, grab the frying pans, friends. And let’s get flipping. As Manon shares her very special honey-loving recipe.

Manon Lagreve from The Great British Bake Off - Cath Kidston
Manon Lagreve Crepe Cake Recipe - Cath Kidston
Ingredients for Manons Crepe Cake for Pancake Day - Cath Kidston


Step One

Make the crêpe batter: Add the flours to a large bowl and make a well. Crack the 4 eggs and use a whisk to gently mix it together. Add the melted butter, honey and salt and mix until smooth. Finish the batter with adding the milk. Set aside.

Cooking pancakes with Manon from GBBO - Cath Kidston
Floral Candles - Cath Kidston

Cook the crêpes: use a medium size frying pan and place on medium heat. Brush some butter on the pan. Once it sizzles, it’s ready. Pour one medium ladle of batter on the pan to make your crêpe. Leave it to cool for 1 to 2 minutes, until the edges start to brown. Turn it upside down, flipping it or using a spatula. Continue until you have finished all of the crêpe batter.


Use a plate to as a template and place on top of 5 crêpes, and cut with a knife around the plate to get a nice even round shape. Do the same for all of the crêpes.

Floral bedding - Cath Kidston
Mugs - Cath Kidston

Make the chantilly: Pour the cold double cream into a bowl and use an electric mixer to mix it for 4 to 6 minutes, until it starts to set. add the clear honey to finish the chantilly.


Assemble the crêpe cake: Place one crêpe on a plate, use a spatula to spread 2 tbsp of chantilly on top and cover with another crêpe. Repeat until you have no crêpes left.

Floral bedding - Cath Kidston
Mugs - Cath Kidston

Decorate with extra honey, flowers and maybe some Marzipan bees.  Enjoy!

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