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Bright Side Stories - Cath Kidston
Creative Director Holly Marler painting Great British Bake off Collection on a table
Behind the Designs: Cath Kidston X The Great British Bake Off

A hand-painted print of the Queen alongside jewels and a crown, created by the Cath Kidston design team

Introducing Cath Kidston X The Great British Bake Off, a Showstopper of a limited-edition collection worthy of the world’s finest Star Baker. This limited-edition collection mixes the artistry of our beautiful prints with the iconic catchphrases and visuals of The Great British Bake Off, now ingrained in our popular culture. From the Showstopper and the famous handshake to the iconic Bake Off Tent itself, our design team have lovingly taken inspiration from The Great British Bake Off, blended with signatures from the Cath Kidston archive and our own affirmations, Cake & Courage, Flour Power and Peace & Pastry. The result is a spectacular confection of unique hand-painted prints, showcased across a commemorative collection of tableware, aprons, PJs, clothing and accessories, for you to treasure, gift and enjoy for years to come.

Here we go behind the scenes at our Design Studio to discover the inspirations for the collaboration with our Creative Director Holly and Print Designers, George, Poppy and Peace.


Great British Bake Off x Cath Kidston logo

When it comes to a collaboration like this between two iconic British brands, where do you start?



We have to tell both of our stories, I always really enjoy combining the two narratives. When I first met with the amazing Bake off team , we spoke about the contestants being the heart and hero’s of the show, this reminded me of our own community here at Cath, and I decided to paint something to celebrate this. I designed a commemorative scarf that included the Bake off’s iconography and the touches of Cath that people know and love.

The Great British Bake Off has so many iconic sayings and phrases, how did the team weave these into the collection?


We loved the idea of the plates looking like a top of a beautifully decorated cake. We painted beautiful piped icing designs, in bright colours in flourishing patterns, and finished each cake off with an ‘iced’ slogan. I loved the link of the artistry of the bakers and the creativity of our print team. Many of the print team are avid bakers and decorators. When we spoke about bake off we always spoke with such excitement and passion and the famous slogans were always part of this. We couldn’t help but make up our own, we really enjoy doing this, as sentiment is huge part of Cath Kidstons’ handwriting.


We really wanted to channel the humour and cheekiness we all love about the show. Within the collection you'll find Soggy Bottom placemats and Showstopper cake plates. We also focused a lot on how baking, and our memories around it made us feel, so there are hidden messages linked to each of the show’s baking weeks.

A hand-painted print of flowers, jewels and a crown, created by the Cath Kidston design team for the Jubilee collection

Tell us about each of the prints and how did the show inspire them?



As well as our commemorative artwork piece and icing prints, we knew we wanted to create a floral too. We replaced some of the flowers with little paper doilies and the roses had icing piped on the top. Hundreds and thousands were sprinkled across them, creating a magical surreal floral. This was on a lovely lime base, creating a touch of modernity against the pinks and reds of the florals.


British-made mugs and plates from the Cath Kidston Platinum Jubilee collection, placed on a drinks trolley

Did any of your own memories of baking and The Great British Bake Off contribute to the design process?


Absolutely the show is part of every family’s culture week after week. When we designed the products these memories became really important. We have certain traditions watching the show, having a sweat treat ready for example, I loved the idea of putting The Great British Bake Off pyjamas on to watch the show!

What is the first thing you’re going to bake when you get your hands on the new collection?



Raspberry chocolate brownies are my go-to. Pretty, easy to make and great with a cup of tea.


I think I will go for a Victoria sponge with strawberries - you can't beat a classic!


I can’t wait to bake some cupcakes or my favourite rocky road with this beautiful bakeware!


My daughter want’s to try a Lemon Meringue pie, the hand painted rainbow trimmed pie dish will be perfect for this. I also can’t wait to set the entire table scape for a party, the collection and it’s colours are just so joyful.

Once the prints were created, how did you decide which products to feature them on?


We wanted to create a full bakeware collection, that could be used to measure, mix and bake with, and to also include some stand-out pieces like the platter and the cake stand - so you can really show your baking off!

A hand-painted print of flowers, jewels and a crown, created by the Cath Kidston design team for the Jubilee collection

This is the first time The Great British Bake Off has collaborated with another brand, tell us what makes this partnership so special?



This partnership is special in so many ways, not least because we are all huge fans of the show. Having had many Bake Off sweep stakes over the years, it’s no surprise that we all love a bit of baking - and eating cake!


The British heritage and vintage style of both our brands is something to celebrate this year, as we come together after the Queen’s jubilee. I loved the idea of celebrating a community from all walks of life coming together to celebrate and bake after the pandemic.


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