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Bright Side Stories - Cath Kidston
A variety of sketches and paintings created by the Cath Kidston design team, used in the Queen's Jubilee collection
The Inspirations and Designers Behind our Platinum Jubilee Collection

A hand-painted print of the Queen alongside jewels and a crown, created by the Cath Kidston design team

Jubilations and Celebrations

In honour of Her Majesty, The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, we have created a commemorative collection of hand-painted print collectibles full of heartfelt tributes to her 70 years of service to our country.

This unique, limited-edition collection is our loving homage to the Queen and showcases opulent hand-painted prints of crowns, corgis, pearls and brooches across bags, accessories, fashion and homeware.


We asked our design team a few questions about how the collection was created and what their favourite pieces from the collection are.

The design team painted the prints for the Queen’s Jubilee collection collaboratively. How do you go about doing this? And how do you work together to design cohesively?



We love collaborating on prints as the different drawing styles add excitement and dynamism. The botanical style of our Creative Director, Holly’s ribbon and floral paintings combined with my more fluid yet loose black lines give the Queen modernity and her character. Our customers enjoy the traditional detail, yet they also like the conversational and fun edge of elements such as the corgi. As a team we enjoy helping each other and know our strengths. It's a community, I draw faces and creatures, Holly and Amy excel at flora and Fauna and Peace sketches hands and detail. Poppy brings personality and sentiment, and Emma invents characters and magical kingdoms!

Our prints always include beautiful hidden details. What should we be looking out for in the Jubilee prints?


We included Lily of the Valley, the Queen's favourite flower in the Platinum Jubilee prints and her favourite corgi Heather - we even gave the little dog a very royal ruff. We engineered this all together in a royal baroque style, with laurel leaves, ribbons and a sparkling crown. We loved the added detail of the polka dot, which is in fact a pearl with a delicate shadow underneath.

A hand-painted print of flowers, jewels and a crown, created by the Cath Kidston design team for the Jubilee collection
British-made mugs and plates from the Cath Kidston Platinum Jubilee collection, placed on a drinks trolley

Can you tell us how the stoneware mugs and plates were made in England?


We're so proud that these quintessentially British mugs and plates are handmade in England. These limited-edition fine stoneware pieces are hand-thrown and traditionally pad printed by potteries in Stoke-on-Trent, supporting British manufacture and the skills of British workers.

How did our heritage of creating prints for key royal moments inspire this collection for the Jubilee?



We looked back at all the archive prints we’ve designed to commemorate royal moments and picked our favourite heritage and iconic elements for the Jubilee collection. In the Royal Baby print, you can see our classic soldier, frilled hearts, jewelled crowns and royal pets, which celebrate British heritage and the Queen’s Jubilee 2022 in our joyful Cath Kidston way.

And finally, what else can we look forward to from this commemorative collection as we continue to celebrate the Jubilee year?


I’m really looking forward to the babywear collection, which shines a light on all the beautiful hand painted jewels in the artworks. Perfect for a little prince or princess.


I love the printed jewellery box. It’s so beautiful, all the artwork is placed around the special box and the corgi spins and turns to the music. And watch out for the regal striped pyjamas fit for a Queen.

Plates and prints from the Cath Kidston Platinum Jubilee collection, wall-mounted in antique gold frames