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Bright Side Stories - Cath Kidston
Birdseye view of a tablescape using Cath Kidston's Celestial range of tableware from their Autumn 2022 collection

How to Host a Brunch at Home

Going out for brunch is one of our favourite ways to spend time with friends. But there’s a lot to consider when going out for an organised brunch – travel time and costs can quickly add up. This season, why not host a brunch at home? We have some top tips on recreating the brunch experience in your own home.

The invitations

We love a reason to get crafty. Make your brunch an exclusive and special event by handcrafting your invitations to friends. It’s so much more personal than a message in your WhatsApp group chat.

If your brunch has a theme or it’s a part of a special occasion, embed that into your design. If it’s your birthday, make your invitations look like birthday party invites. If your friend is celebrating a promotion at work, incorporate that into your handwritten cards.

How to set up a brunch

We’d always recommend setting up your brunch table the night before your friends arrive. That means no rushing around last minute or panicking that you can’t find the right glasses.

Set your table with a beautifully printed tablecloth the night before and lay out your eating and drinking utensils. Having your plates, glasses, mugs, and cutlery set out will put you at ease when you come to add the food and drinks before your guests’ arrival.

When it comes to styling your table, you can either set it out like your favourite brunch destination or make it entirely your own. Pair a printed tablecloth with matching or clashing mugs and glassware – if you have an eclectic collection of mugs, why not match one to each friend?

You can decorate the rest of your room with flowers, bunting, and other assorted trinkets to make it an inviting space.

Two models setting a table, using Cath Kidston's Celestial range of tableware from their Autumn 2022 collection
A large serving bowl and 2 dip bowls from the Celestial range of tableware by Cath Kidston, set on a table with flowers

Brunch food

What kind of brunches do you and your friends enjoy? Is it an all-day breakfast sort of affair, or do you prefer food that errs more towards the lunch side? Creating the meals and nibbles that you all love is sure to be a winner.

If your friends all have different tastes, you might want to take orders as part of your invitations. Leave a space in your RSVP for your friends to write down their favourite brunch foods and have them return it to you. Creating dishes for each individual – as well as some that everyone will enjoy – is a sure-fire way to make your at-home brunch a success.

If you’d prefer to create some classic dishes that everyone will love, serving them buffet-style will cut down a lot of time when it comes to preparation and servings. You may be the host, but you still want to spend some quality time with your friends.

Tiered cake stands are the perfect way to set out your desserts – and you can even take some inspiration from your afternoon teas by serving dinky cupcakes, brownies, and scones with cream and jam.

The drinks

Of course, a brunch wouldn’t be a brunch without some grown-up drinks. To cut down on the amount of time you’ll spend delivering drinks to your guests, have large pitchers with cocktails (be sure to label them) on the tables for your friends to help themselves to.

Mimosas and Aperol spritzes are classic brunch drinks, so you can make them the focal point of your drinks offerings. Prosecco is another timeless favourite – if you have a mini-fridge, keep your bottles of prosecco in there so you can easily grab more when you run out. Buckets filled with ice will keep your opened bottles and the next ones nicely chilled.

It’s good to have some non-alcoholic options for friends who don’t drink alcohol. Mocktails are a great option to make them feel included – but be sure to clearly mark up and separate your mocktail jugs from your cocktails. Having a range of hot drinks on offer gives them plenty of options too.

Female model wearing a dragon print dress by Cath Kidston, holding a blue, Celestial printed mug also by Cath Kidston

Don’t forget the leftovers

We’re not a fan of waste in any form. And chances are there will be some leftovers from your brunch spread. While you can save items like frittatas in the fridge or freezer for another gathering (or Monday’s office lunch), let your friends take some of their favourite leftovers home too.

They can bring their own picnic baskets or women’s lunch bags to take home some of their favourite treats.

What’s the best time for brunch?

Brunch is traditionally the time between breakfast and lunch, so late morning. But we all know they don’t always pan out like that in reality. Instead, host your brunch in the early afternoon – this gives you time to prep your food and drinks and means your friends don’t have to arrive too early. And once it’s over, you can all stay and catch up, or perhaps migrate into the garden if it’s a sunny day.

Now, don your best red dress and have an amazing time with your nearest and dearest!