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Bright Side Stories - Cath Kidston
Cath Kidston designer moodboards for Winter 21 collection

Winter at Cath began with a reconnection to print, to inspire a new way of redefining how our collections are created. A celebration of artistry, a heritage of craft. The artist’s process, in itself, became the heart of Winter. Intricately laced through our prints, wiggle details are rough and in progress, like embroidery stitches and selvedge markings. Each inspiration has a provenance. And every provenance a meaning. It’s as if you glimpse the sketchbook they came from through the print itself.

Cath Kidston

Our team refocused on engineering artworks and the placement of print – every corner, every line placed with care. So that from a tea towel to a silk scarf, each piece has had the same amount of love and attention to make it a work of art.

For our campaign shoot, we wanted to find a way to tell this story. For it to be present in every shot. And so, we recruited the help of mural artist, Sedef Komurgoz. An incredible talent, who brought life and art to our set, and who we caught 5 minutes with to get to know better.


How did you get into art and design?


I started painting at a very young age. My interest in art continued through my school years. I never planned to have a career in painting. It just happened. I originally studied industrial design.


Tell us a bit about your career to date …


After I finished studying at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in Istanbul, I decided to move to London in 2012. Until I found my feet I did more graphic design jobs then painting or design. It wasn’t until I painted a wall for a friend’s bar, got really positive response and similar requests from other venues, that my career steered towards being a mural artist.

What is it you love most about art and painting?


Painting is talking in a way that anyone can understand and expressing an idea in the most free way possible. Isn’t that great?


What tips would you give to and aspiring artist?


As Edward Manet once said: “No one can be a painter unless he cares for painting above all else." It takes lots of hard work, dedication and sacrifice. Being talented will only get you to a certain level. Hard work is what makes one a painter.


Where do you draw your inspiration from?


I get inspiration from any and every art movement. I also follow contemporary mural artists closely. I took at new techniques and trends. I love reading illustration magazines and books, but my biggest creative nurturer and inspiration generally comes from listening to music.


Forget me not print - Cath Kidston
Tell us more about your mural painting and the process of creating one?


Once I get brief from a client, I do lots of research on the subject matter, then I make mood boards for inspiration, which helps me come up with style, concept and colour palette for the design.
Then fun part is coming up with the unique illustration and drawing. Then it’s all about shopping for materials, mixing the right colours for painting and finally getting to paint a mural.


What’s one art supply you can’t live without?


My jeans for sure, 1” flat brush and of course my headphones.

Cath Kidston rose bud painting


You painted a beautiful mural for our winter collection, Rose Revival, what was it like working with our Creative Director, Holly, to bring her designs to life?


Firstly, I thoroughly enjoyed working with the Cath Kidston team and had lots of fun whilst I was painting the mural. I love painting flowers, some of which are my signature for my artwork so working with a brand that features flowers so much was a great collaboration for me.

While I was painting the final mural, I was working free hand, I definitely felt joy seeing how happy Holly was watching me draw so freely. I realised we shared similar excitement for creation, it was a nice moment. I am very much looking forward to our future collaboration.