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Bright Side Stories - Cath Kidston
Best Secret Gardens in Britain - Cath Kidston
Five of Britain’s most beautiful secret gardens

From book to screen, Frances Hodgson Burnett’s ‘The Secret Garden’ has held a place in our hearts for as long as we can remember. When orphaned Mary is sent to live with her uncle in Yorkshire she discovers a world of botanical magic within a locked walled garden. Steeped in nostalgia and adventure, the latest adaptation of ‘The Secret Garden’ comes to our screens in October and it got us thinking about our favourite secret gardens here in Britain.

Isn’t there something special about stumbling across a wondrous garden off the beaten track? Somewhere that feels undiscovered, somehow. Special. Just yours.

We’ve brought together a list of our favourite wild woodlands to visit, perfect for day trips and filling your backpacks with a picnic, treats and an umbrella (a British staycation necessity, let’s face it) and finding the beautiful secret gardens to explore...

Sweet Strawberries Art Class Designer - Cath Kidston
Addison walk Oxford - Cath Kidston
1. Addison's Walk, Oxford

So beautiful it is said to have inspired the poem ‘The Bird Said Early In The Year’ by C.S Lewis, Addison’s Walk is hidden just minutes away from Oxford’s High Street in the grounds of Magdalen College. Discover this spot by passing through a cloister, with a trip over a small bridge before you find this circular escape.

Image source: Flickr

2. Wallington, Northumberland

Wallington’s walled garden is a gasp-out-loud treasure. Bursting with a bounty of plants and flowers, Wallington is bursting with life and riddled with adventure just waiting to be discovered. Hidden at the edge of the woods, you will truly feel like you are in ‘The Secret Garden’ as you enter through Neptune’s Gate and discover the magic of the walled garden as well as Wallington’s Edwardian conservatory, Owl House and a perfect picnic spot pond.

Image source: Geograph

wallington, Northumberland - Cath Kidston
Phoenix Garden London - Cath Kidston
3. Phoenix Garden, the West End, London

Find this quaint English escape within the hustle and bustle of Shaftesbury Avenue in the West End of London. Nestled between Soho and Covent Garden Phoenix Garden is a community garden perfect for discovering new blooms or taking some idyllic time out from the busy city. Established and run by volunteers since 1984, Phoenix Garden is situated on a WW2 bombsite, turning disaster into beauty.

Image source: @thephoenixgarden

4. Castle Drogo, Devon

Castle Drogo in Devon was the very last castle to be built in England. And its grounds are open and itching to be explored.. Adventure past the structured gardens to find horticultural wonders, from a sunken rose garden to the hidden Bunty House - a wendy house with its own miniature garden - perfect for Alice in Wonderland-esque surprises after a picnic or tea party using your favourite Cath Kidston Picnic blanket.

Image source: Geograph

Castle Drogo, Devon - Cath Kidston
Dunbar's Close, Edinburgh - Cath Kidston
5. Dunbar's Close, Edinburgh

One of Edinburgh’s best kept secrets, you can find Dunbar’s Close through an archway between two shops on the Royal Mile. Easily missed, this secret garden escape is mere minutes from one of Britain’s busiest high streets but still remains a secluded haven, with the magic of this 17th century style garden making you feel like you are the first to discover it.

Image source: Wikimedia

Do you have a favourite secret garden? Let us know on our social channels or tag us in any Cath Kidston secret garden adventures!

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