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Bright Side Stories - Cath Kidston
Sweet Strawberries Art Class - Cath Kidston
Get Arty with Cath Kidston: How to Paint Sweet Strawberries

Nothing says British summertime like a handful of juicy strawberries. Served with cream, a sprinkling of sugar or just as they come – strawberries taste like sunshine. Even on the days where the sun’s not actually, er, shining. Our team of in-house artists wanted to create a print that could capture all the joy and flavour of the best-loved summer fruit. That would transport you away to a lazy picnic somewhere.

And this weekend, as someone appears to have hit reset on the standard-British-weather-button, we could use all the sunshine daydreams we can get. Georgina Tee, our Junior Print Designer, has her paintbrush at the ready to show us all how to whip up the perfect ‘sweet strawberries’ print to brighten up a drizzly weekend afternoon. Actual sunshine may be questionable but some serious strawberry cravings are guaranteed.

Sweet Strawberries Art Class Designer - Cath Kidston


Start of by making sure you have everything you need:

-White paper
-Thin and thick paint brush
-Fine Liner
-Cloth for excess paint
-Paint palette or plate
-Cup of water
-Gouache paints

Painting Strawberries equipment - Cath Kidston


how to draw strawberries
Step 1

Get started by drawing some scattered strawberries around the page in pencil, and add small flowers between them to fill the white space. Blank pages can be just a little intimidating, right? Top tip - I practiced the basic shape in my sketchbook first, and then went straight onto the paper.

Step 2

Next, mix the paint for the strawberries. Whip up a variety of reds and pinks – you can go minimal if you like or as many shades as it takes to make you smile. Then, start painting the bigger areas of the strawberry with the different mixed paints.

how to draw strawberries
how to draw strawberries
Step 3

Using a lighter pink roughly paint a ‘shine’ onto the strawberries by using a thicker brush. I found that the dryer the brush, the better the textured effect, so be careful not to overload your paint.

Step 4

Flip your paintbrush and with the end, stamp the inside part of the flower with yellow paint.

how to draw strawberries
how to draw strawberries
Step 5

Mix the green paint, and start painting all of the leaves (don’t forget the leaves around the flowers).

Step 6

Finding the details a little fiddly? I like to use a fine liner so I have a bit more control – especially for outlining the petals of the flowers.

how to draw strawberries
how to draw strawberries
Step 7

Finally, it’s time for the pips. After all, strawberries wouldn’t be strawberries without the pips. Again, using the end of the paint brush and black paint, stamp each strawberry with little seeds.

Finished Painting

And there you have it! You’ve got a beautiful sweet strawberries print, right? Feeling like you missed your calling as an artist? How wonderful. Make sure you share your creations with us on social media using #CKartclass, we’d love to see your masterpieces.

how to draw strawberries