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Bright Side Stories - Cath Kidston

Paula, from Hill House Vintage grew up with Cath, having lived around the corner from our very first store in Notting Hill. From her beautiful house, she inspires thousands with her creative eye and love for curated wonders. (And we very much count ourselves in those thousands). That’s why we asked her to dig into our gift guide, and offer her very top tips for the best gifts this Christmas.

Hill House Vintage - Cath Kidston

It certainly feels as though it’s been one of the longest years on record, but It’s a true testament to our collective ability to look on the bright side of life that plans to enjoy a good Christmas are still going ahead with gusto this year. Decorations are going up early, trees are being trimmed to the max, this is the year to show some extra appreciation to those that we miss, are thinking of and can’t wait to see again soon.

I cannot deny the fact that I absolutely love choosing presents for people. It’s one of the greatest pleasures to see someone's face light up when you get a present ‘just right’! Part of the fun in choosing is trying to anticipate the secret or unspoken needs and wishes of friends and loved ones. Perhaps something that they were thinking about getting for themselves and you manage to just pip them to the post - or something that they didn’t even know that they needed!

More than ever, we all want to be able to be the person who manages to raise a smile on the faces of those who have found this past year to be a rather testing time - and that’s pretty much everybody!

This year, I have chosen many of my presents from Cath Kidston online. Beautifully made with a very British sense of fun and humour, the joyful prints evoke delightful feelings of warmth and love and memories of happy years gone by.

Here’s what I will be getting for some of my friend and family this year.


My sister is one of those women who rarely treats herself to anything beyond the functional and the useful. This year I’ll be buying her the Cross Body Grab Bag in Clarendon Check It has three sections to keep her organised, plus grab handles for when she’s out and about on her own, and adjustable long cross body straps for when her hands are taken up with baby paraphernalia.


My Mother in law is a candle obsessive. She takes incredible joy from comparing and testing each new fragrance, and as the owner of several dogs, a beautifully scented candle does of course have a practical use too when it comes to creating a sweet smelling environment!

She will adore the aromatic scent which blends crips, clean notes of woody cedar, silver birch and fir balsam

Christmas Mugs - Cath Kidston
Christmas Mugs - Cath Kidston

I couldn’t possibly be Christmas present shopping without thinking of my ever faithful pup Coco, which is why I was instantly drawn to this pet collar with Leather trim in Provence rose. The perfect accessory for any fashionable dog with a love of all things floral - which pretty much sums up Coco!


Of course, even the most fashionable dogs have a playful side, which led me to the Stanley Plush dog ‘teddy’! The Provence Rose dog-shaped toy is made from strong cotton canvas with a tough rope skeleton within for added durability. It also has a fun squeaker and will ensure that Coco - with her matching collar, is the envy of all of the dogs in the neighbourhood!

Christmas Mugs - Cath Kidston
Christmas Mugs - Cath Kidston

Who doesn’t love a new mug - particularly a festive one! My sister-in-law is one of those people who has a different mug to suit every occasion - rather like a wardrobe filled with clothes! Each time she opens her ‘mug wardrobe’ she can remember a person, a time or a place with each of her various mug designs. Hopefully this one will remind her of the time that we were thinking of her constantly even though we cannot be with her.


This beautifully made traditional set of wooden skittles comes with two balls and is made from sustainably sourced wood shaped and painted to resemble the signature Cath Kidston London guards design, and comes in a matching carry case.

It has a wonderful retro vintage feel that was very much in keeping with the type of toys that I used to buy for my children when they were small. In fact, they’re the sort of gift that I would still buy to decorate a vintage inspired playroom or nursery, and if my little nephew wasn’t so adorably cute, I’d be quite tempted to keep these to style a room myself!

Christmas Mugs - Cath Kidston
Christmas Mugs - Cath Kidston

Probably the cutest wellies that you ever saw! The iconic desert cowboy pattern printed on durable rubber wellies with a fetching red trip. Guaranteed to make you look forward to a rainy day just so that you can watch your little splash about in puddles!


Made from super soft cotton jersey with a plastic zip front for easy dressing and anti-slip dots on the soles of the feet, this cute romper will be the perfect addition for the wardrobe of my soon-to- be new nephew. Matching his brothers skittle set, they’ll be as cute as buttons on Christmas Day!

Christmas Mugs - Cath Kidston
Christmas Mugs - Cath Kidston

I must confess that this particular present is one to myself.

Few things are as instantly festive as a snow globe with its magical snow flurries and pretty wind up musical tune. As a potential heirloom for years to come, the retro feel with it’s gorgeous Christmas scene will bring a smile to even the most Bah Humbug of faces!