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Bright Side Stories - Cath Kidston
build a picnic table for summer 2021 - cath kidston
How to Build Your Picnic Table

Summer at Cath starts with a picnic. It’s the centre scene and the heart of our home. Because picnics are what we do, as the British, aren’t they? Come rain or shine, inside or out – we’ll figure out a way to make it happen. Our picnic table is the epicentre of our summer, the place for our community to be together.

shoot of Cath Kidston Summer collection


Even from planning our campaign shoot – where the whole story comes to life before our eyes – our Creative Director, Holly, described this luscious, overflowing table, full of fruit and flowers – a Mad Hatter’s, fantastical tea party that was so bright and vibrant you couldn’t help but pull up a seat. It perfectly depicted the quirks and perks of being British, a quintessential picnic with a twist. (Because we all know picnics are rained off nine out of ten times and brought inside).

Little did we know that the roadmap out of lockdown would throw picnics into centre stage of ways to be together, so – to help you make your picnic truly magical, we’ve pulled together a guide on how to build your very own picnic table, complete with printable menus and place settings for you to personalise.

Cherry pick your favourite bits, and don’t forget to tag us in your masterpieces #CathKidston


picnic table - Cath Kidston

It sounds a strange point to start on, but the point is kind of the point. For any good tablescape, make sure you’re building your visual levels up to a centre point of height. Like a triangle (just make sure no one sits slap bang in the middle of the table).


Build the bulk of your tablescape with your five-a-day. Pineapples, melons, strawberries, pomegranates. Think lush and juicy and colourful. Cut them open, pule them up – they’re perfect for adding colour and texture (and snacking on, of course).

 - Cath Kidston
Floral Candles - Cath Kidston

As well as big blooming roses, we had barely unfurling poppies and plenty of wild foliage and greenery for an explosion of nature that feels curated but barely tamed. Collect old jam jars and bottles of different heights for a wonderfully eclectic feel.


You can add height and a pop of complimentary colour with some simple painted plinths. Use a bit of MDF, or an old solid table setting repainted in pastel chalk paint to compliment your tablecloth. We went for a soft yellow and blue.

- Cath Kidston
Mugs - Cath Kidston

Our cherry-trimmed treats were designed for you to pick-your-own. They’re made from out-and-about friendly bamboo blend materials that are tricky to break and easy to care for. We also have glassware (keeping it classy), tablecloths, picnic blankets, and wicker picnic baskets of dreams. Let them be the centre piece to your table.


Don’t forget to download our picnic party templates here. A light card or nice thick paper would be best, they’re ready and waiting for your to personalise with your very own picnic menu and a sweet place setting for each of your guests. They’re a lovely little something for them to keep to remember the summer we were together again.

 - Cath Kidston
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