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Breast Cancer Now Afternoon tea - Cath Kidston
How To Throw an Afternoon Tea for Breast Cancer Now

Here at Cath, we consider ourselves lucky to know so many women. To be made of so many women. We’re a brand built on the special blend of tenacity and the unwavering strength of the female spirit - our teams, our customers and, by extension, their families.

That means we also know breast cancer is something that affects many lives, either directly or through those we love, in fact there are around 600,000 women living with and beyond breast cancer right now in the UK alone. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Breast Cancer Now – a charity delivering world-class research and life-changing care – to help create a brighter future for anyone affected by breast cancer.


After an unprecedented year or so, the coronavirus crisis has put a huge dent in their ability to deliver the support and progress that so many people rely on them for – whether it’s been the risk of delayed cancer diagnosis and treatments or being cut off from the donations of cancelled marathons or office bake sales. The very donations that enable them to do the work that they do. There’s never been a more important time to get involved.

By hosting an Afternoon Tea for Breast Cancer Now you can raise money they urgently need to help them carry on providing life-changing care and funding world-class research.

So … how about it? After months and months apart, we’re celebrating Tea & Togetherness and inviting you – our Cath community – to get involved for a good cause. String up the bunting, put the kettle on and gather those that mean the most.

Breast Cancer Now Afternoon Tea - Cath Kidston


Nothing can come between us and cake-based fundraising. And after a long time managing to socialise via various means of technology – throwing an Afternoon Tea in the garden should be … well … a piece of cake.

Step 1 - Sign up for your Afternoon Tea fundraising kit

Registering for your kit is simple, just fill in the form here. Your kit will be sent out to you, packed with fundraising ideas, our very own Cath Kidston-designed bunting, and a whole host of games to play at your virtual or socially-distanced event.

Step 2 – Set up a JustGiving page:

It’s super easy and gives your guests a quick, simple way to donate what they can. We recommend asking guests to make a suggested donation to attend your event and popping the link to your page on your social media.

Step 3 – Send out the invites:

Keep it simple with an email or a text, or get crafty and hand-paint or make something from the heart. Remember, we’re all picking up our social lives with enthusiasm at the moment, so give plenty of notice for your special event.

Step 4 – Plan your games and activities

Breast Cancer Now has a whole bunch of downloadable games to inspire you – including bingo and quiz questions but feel free to get creative. What about an art class painting competition?

Step 5 – Get baking!

You can’t hold an afternoon tea without some baked goods. Pull out your favourite recipes or try something new.

HIGHLY recommended bakes: scones (of course, just don’t get us started on the jam before cream debate), Victoria sponge and a good, gooey brownie.

Got someone who’s joining virtually? We’re thinking ‘goodie bags’ of afternoon tea delights, that can be door-step dropped to attendees before hand.

Step 6 – Hoist up the bunting!

Be sure to download your bunting and posters to decorate your room. We’ve even hand-painted and designed a Cath Kidston bunting especially for Afternoon Tea.

Step 7 – Donate

A final push on promoting your JustGiving page never goes amiss. Don’t forget you can also raise funds for Breast Cancer Now by buying any Cath Kidston mug, we’ll be donating 10% of mug sales throughout August to support the work of our friends at Breast Cancer Now.

Step 8 – Share

Save us a seat. Share your cakes, bakes and afternoon tea dates with us by using #CathKidstonxBreastCancerNow on social.

Last but not least – ENJOY

It’s been a trying year, to put it mildly. Enjoy being with those you love in any way you can. Enjoy their company and the laughter. Enjoy a good bit of cake (or two, or three).

But most importantly, enjoy knowing that you’re making a difference and helping build a brighter future for those affected by breast cancer.