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How to make seed paper postcards - cath kidston
How to Make Seed Paper Postcards

At Cath, we’re big believers in gifts that pass on the joy. For the big things, and the small things, and, you know … just because. And sometimes, there’s nothing more joyful than something made by hand, crafted with love. That’s why, for National Gardening Week, we’ve rolled up our sleeves and put together a handy how-to on crafting your own seed paper postcards, a special little touch to any Cath present. Give the gift of new nature springing to life (there’s really nothing quite like it). Perfect for the established green thumbs and even the green-to-gardening amongst us, too.

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What You'll Need
  • A range of seeds, we love mixed wild flowers
  • Paper, it can be anything from old newspapers to tissue paper
  • Bowl
  • Blender
  • Water
  • Tea Towel
  • Paints to decorate
Step 1

Rip up your papers into small pieces

 - Cath Kidston
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Step 2

Fill your bowl with warm water and blend until it becomes a smooth pulp

Step 3

Add in your seeds and stir

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Step 4

Drain your mixture through a tea towel to remove the bulk of water

Step 5

Lay your mixture on a towel into the shape you want your postcard to be and flatten with a spatula. Leave to dry.

 - Cath Kidston
Mugs - Cath Kidston
Step 6

once completely dry you can paint your chosen design on top, or even write a little love note, we've gone for cherries (naturally).


Then, once gifted with love, all they need to do is nestle the paper in soil and water until the seeds bloom. They can either plant the whole thing in a container or rip it up to spread the seeds round (if you’ve popped in a heap of seeds, we’d recommend the latter). Don’t forget to show us your work, tag us @CathKidston and using #CathCollective so we can see your seed sensations.

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