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How to make your own Keep Kind banner

All too soon, the new school year will begin. In a whole new world, with shiny new shoes, the young tomorrow will embrace the next today. But before that, there’s just enough time for adventure. Summer’s Last Adventure. Where they’re embraced by nature, running in packs. Young, wild and free, they’ll be, with scrapes on knees new stories to tell.

Keeping little hands busy will help keep them out of mischief (for a short while at least). Our Young Explorers on set of our campaign shoot loved taking turns with our banner and butterfly props, so we thought we’d share our handy tips on how to make your own Keep Kind banner.

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What You’ll Need To Make Your Own Banner
What You need to Paint forget me not print - Cath Kidston
Step 1

But how do you make a banner? Well, to start with … draw out your banner shape onto the brown paper, also draw out the letters (we’ve gone for Keep Kind, but you can choose whatever you like – just make sure there’s enough room for all your letters).

Using the paper template cut out your banner fabric.

Step 2

Cut out your brown paper letters.

 - Cath Kidston
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Step 3

Get an adult to carefully pin or safety pin your letters to the felt.

Either cut straight around them or draw around first.

Step 4

Once your letters are all cut out, lay them onto your banner and glue them down.

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girls in floral dresses - Cath Kidston

And that’s it! You’ve learnt how to make your own banner. Make sure to join us on Instagram to share your results with #cathcollective. With your banner high and proud, here’s to a summer full of adventures and new beginnings.

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