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Our Top Tips on How to Pack a Travel Bag

After what seems like a very long time, it seems the world is waiting for us again. From trips abroad to get the last of the sun to making the most of home – adventures are out there – just waiting to be discovered. For a lot of us that have barely needed to leave the house for more than a year, that first trip away – exciting as it is – also leaves us a little out of practice with what we need to pack and how. What do we bring? What size bag do we use? Is there a way to pack that saves space? Do I really need three possible outfits per day, just in case?

We’ve compiled a handy list of top tips for packing for your travels.

Two female models in floral dresses holding matching floral tote bags with bows
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How to pack a suitcase efficiently

First up, make sure you have the right sized suitcase. For a city break or weekend away, a compact little number like our Four-Wheel Suitcase (below) is ideal. Roomy, but still suitable for a lot of cabin-sized restrictions on planes. Even for longer breaks, we like to pack the absolute essentials in our cabin luggage so that if the worst happens and our main case gets delayed, we’ve got a little of everything we might need.

If you’re lucky enough to be headed off to sunny climes for a little longer, consider combining luggage with your partner to pay for one, bigger, heavier case on your flight rather than separate smaller ones.

When it comes to packing, we love to get organised. Our laundry pouches are perfect for separating out essentials in the main compartment and we have travel toiletry bags ideal for packing your daily regimen. While there’s no one best way to pack a suitcase, we find rolling is the way to go – our favourite skirts and dresses fit in so much better rolled up instead of folded.

If you have a few pairs of shoes that you need to pack, you could put smaller items in a bag and fit them into the sole, like socks and underwear.

Top tips for How to pack a bag for air travel

No matter how many times you’ve weighed your case at home, airport scales have their own rules. Keep your luggage light at check in by buying your toiletries at the airport or on the other side when you land. You can also wear your heaviest layers and shoes to the airport to save space and weight in your case.

When it comes to your hand luggage, size matters, too. Every airline is different, so be sure to check on their guidance before-hand. If you’re carrying any toiletries, hand lotions or medications, remember they each need to be under 100ml. Getting hold of one of those see-through plastic bags for inspection before the airport will save time at security and help you make sure you don’t over-commit on how much you can take. (We’ve all waved off our favourite perfume at one time or another).

Otherwise, our favourite things to pack are a good book, a tablet with a couple of episodes of our best-loved show / film downloaded and ready to go and Octoberbe some colouring for a bit of mindfulness. A phone charger in case of emergency is always a good idea, as is leaving a little room in your carry-on luggage for snacks you pick up at the airport.

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What is the best carry-on bag for travel?

As long as you pick a bag that fits within the dimensions of your airline, train, or bus guidelines, pick whatever is most comfortable for you to carry. Our classic, carry-all overnight bags are a great, lightweight option if you want to lighten your suitcase and split out your luggage. They have a cross-body strap too, if you need to stay hands free with excited little ones. Our small suitcases, with their 360 wheels, are designed for zipping along besides you at the airport or through busy city streets. And our backpacks come packed with pockets, ideal for keeping your important travel documents safe and sound on the move.

We love taking a large tote bag as our carry-on. Lightweight and easy to carry, they’re also just the right size for throwing in everything you need, with plenty of pockets for all your essentials.

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