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Bright Side Stories - Cath Kidston
Refresh your home for the new season - Cath Kidston
How to Refresh Your Home for Autumn

The leaves are turning golden, crunching under foot and our lattes are becoming hand-warmers once more and getting mighty pumpkin-spicy. It can only mean one thing … Autumn, is that you?

As summer bows out and hands the reins over for another year, we can’t help but find something refreshing and rejuvenating about it (even if it is just for some slight reassurance that we are actually making it through 2020, bit by bit).

A new season can mean a new start – especially for our homes, which have taken more than their usual share of wear and tear this year. So, from the cushions that you’re sick of the sight of, to the evening-darkened rooms that are missing the summer nights – we’ve pulled together some top tips to transition your summer spaces into cosy, Autumn sanctuaries.

Dried flowers- Cath Kidston

As we start to spend more time indoors, keeping in touch with nature is a sure way to lift your space (and your mood). This can be plants, which obviously double up as fresh air-givers (ideal for when the heating kicks on), fresh flowers or … if you struggle to keep green things alive (guilty), why not invest in some dried flower arrangements. Our favourites are from the Happy Blossoms, which are bursting with bright, bold colour.


You can transform an entire room just by changing your cushions. True story. Unsurprisingly, we vote for brave investments in colour and print, with seasonal tones as accents. We’ve even been known to indulge in a cushion cycle, where we rotate our favourite cushions seasonally to rediscover them the next year. Throw some throws and blankets in there (the more texture, the better), draped over arms or the backs of the sofa, and you’re ready for cosy nights curled up with a hot chocolate and a good film.

Button spot cushion and floral bedding - Cath Kidston
Floral Candles - Cath Kidston

Think about switching out your candles and diffusers from light, fruity smells to more musky, spicy ones and watch how it transitions your home into autumn for you. It’s magic. Because, let’s be honest, the best way to be okay with the nights getting darker is being able to light your candles that bit earlier.

And if you’ve not previously been that much of a candle person … trust us. Treat yourself.


If there’s a better feeling than snuggling down into a freshly made bed with brand new sheets, then we don’t want to know about it. Autumn is the season of more sleep – an extra hour in bed as the clocks go back, a film in bed on a stormy night – so spruce up your space with some new bedding. We recommend introducing some deep, rich shades with a slight pop of colour. Ahem … just like our very own bedding range … ahem.

Floral bedding - Cath Kidston
Mugs - Cath Kidston

Treating yourself to a new mug (or two or three) at the start of the season is a surprisingly efficient and cost-effective way of perking up your day-to-day. For Autumn, we upgrade ourselves to big, chunky Stanley mugs. They hold about half a litre of caffeine (almost enough to start the day with), and are a perfectly cradle-able shape. Ideal for monster hot chocolates and comforting teas.

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