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Bright Side Stories - Cath Kidston
collage of images of jo whiley in cath kidston dress, candice brathwiate in cath kidston dress and sophie ellis-bextor in cath kidston blouse


Christmas is the perfect time to shine a light on kindness. Our design team has spent the last year dreaming and designing a unique collection of heartfelt gifts, featuring intimate missives and messages that celebrate love and kindness. Our Keep Kind collection includes all kinds of gifts, from socks and soaps to beautiful silk scarves.

Inspired by vintage pieces from the 1950s, our Keep Kind silk scarves are illustrated with uplifting affirmations. Made in the UK and featuring hand-placed prints, each scarf is a little work of art, designed to bring joy for years to come. We invited three of our favourite inspirational women to choose the scarf that speaks to them the most, and to share their thoughts on kindness with the Cath Kidston Community.

blue based Cath Kidston dreamer artwork with birds on
author candice brathwaite wearing floral cath kidston dress
author candice brathwaite wearing floral cath kidston dress
Candice Brathwaite – Dreamer

With her candid captions and colourful wardrobe of dreams – including the brightest, most beautiful wedding cape we’ve ever seen – Candice Brathwaite is a joy to follow on Instagram, as well as one of our new favourite authors.


Kindness means showing up


To me, kindness means showing up for others, in any way possible without ever expecting things in return. Just doing, giving or being present because you can.


I’m a big believer in dreams


I chose the Dreamer affirmation as I’m a big believer that dreams are the best way to place an order with the universe. Anything I’ve ever had the gift of creating has at one point been a dream. For me dreaming is the root of all creation.


I live by the affirmation, ‘Silence can never be misquoted’


It’s one of my favourites. We live in a time where there is so much noise and online shouting, I think we often forget that if it’s safe to do, silence is an option we can choose. Not everything or everyone is worthy of a response.


One of my favourite things is gift-giving


This year I will most definitely be gifting my girlfriends who have propped me up in low times and celebrated me in high times. I think one way kindness can be shown through gift giving is by giving something a friend or loved one wouldn’t get for themselves – perhaps they can’t or they feel as though they aren’t deserving. It’s great to give that feeling.

DJ and presenter Jo Whiley in black floral cath kidston headscarf
black and pink Cath Kidston brave soul artwork
Jo Whiley – Brave Soul

What do Glastonbury and the Chelsea Flower Show have in common? They’ll forever make us think of Jo Whiley on the BBC. We admire how she’s so passionate about everything she does, whether she’s DJing, gardening or raising money for charity.

DJ and presenter Jo Whiley in black floral cath kidston dress standing in front of a door


Kindness has always been my number one priority


I was brought up by a family who would do anything for anyone to make other’s lives easier and happier and it’s something we’ve successfully instilled in our children. My parents would always be dropping off provisions or giving lifts to people less fortunate than themselves and it was a brilliant example for myself as to how to treat others. Being kind really should be second nature to us all.


Here’s to all the Brave Souls


Over the last two years we have all become aware of so many brave souls. Those who’ve selflessly helped others at their own cost. Those who’ve faced battles of their own and those who’ve suffered immeasurable loss. This affirmation is for all of those brave souls who keep on keeping on with a selfless and awesome strength.


You can make a difference


Whether it’s smiling at a stranger, striking up a conversation with someone in a shop or checking in on people you know who might be struggling – your words and actions might make all the difference to a person in need of comfort. If you go to sleep at night having helped make one person’s day better, that’s really what it’s all about and what we should all strive to do.


I want to repay people’s kindness this year


Giving gifts is one way to make someone feel special and cared for – it’s an opportunity to show kindness and to repay the kindness others have shown you. This hasn’t been the easiest of years and I feel I have many people who deserve to be recipients of gifts from me to say thank you for being kind with their words and deeds. However, my team on the radio show – Anna and Ellie – are probably the ones who deserve to be treated as they’ve been there week after week – making great radio with me, being supportive when the going got tough and they deserve my utmost thanks because they are beyond brilliant.

red cath kidston darling floral artwork
sophie ellis-bextor wearing floral cath kidston blouse
sophie ellis-bextor wearing floral cath kidston blouse
Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Darling Loved One

Over lockdown last year, we loved joining Sophie and her family online for feel-good Kitchen Discos, starring a giant glitterball, plenty of sequins, and endless (kitchen) floor-fillers that had us dancing around our living rooms.


Kindness is considering other people


Kindness means being aware I suppose, aware of yourself and of others. Being empathetic and open.


Darling is a lovely word


I chose Darling Loved One as I am hoping to raise kind people in my family, and we all call each other darling. It’s such a lovely word.


The affirmations I live by...


Be kind is definitely up there! I have it on a sign in my bedroom. I also say to the kids regularly ‘before you say it, think ‘Is it kind? Is it helpful?’ I also talk a lot about finding the joy. The little things in life that lift your heart – that’s where the good stuff is.


I want my gifts to be thoughtful


Whenever I choose something for someone, I want that gift to show thought and care for whoever it’s for. It’s not just ticking a box. Kind gift giving is a way to show people you see them and love them. I get very excited about choosing things for people and I pride myself at being quite good at it. I guess you’d have to ask my friends and family if that’s true! I hope so.