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Bright Side Stories - Cath Kidston
Breast cancer survior Dani in Cath Kidston x Breast Cancer Now Spot Jumper
In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and charity, Breast Cancer Now

Breast cancer survior Dani in Cath Kidston x Breast Cancer Now Spot Jumper

This October, we are again supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month with our Spot It campaign, helping raise awareness and empowering women to spot the signs and symptoms of breast cancer as early as possible.

We have teamed up with Breast Cancer Now for the third year, supporting their life-changing support and world class research. Their invaluable advice on checking for signs and symptoms of breast cancer can be found here.

Here, mum of four, Dani tells us how she spotted the signs of her own breast cancer and her journey from diagnosis and treatment to recovery.


Breast Cancer Now Afternoon Tea - Cath Kidston

Tell us how you spotted your symptom of breast cancer?


Six years ago, when I was about 40 and my four little boys were aged from 6-13 years, I discovered a small lump deep under my left nipple. I later called it a ‘laid back’ lump as it was mostly detectable when I was laying on my back, and in the shower with my arm above my head. Obviously, for the first few weeks thanks to Google, every bad thought went through my mind, and I found it very difficult to comprehend the unknown. It was a sad experience but I’m a very bubbly, smiley person so I kept my spirits up and stayed as ‘normal’ as I could.

Throughout the following weeks of challenging, invasive procedures and having drained all the energy from the breast clinic staff through my hysteria, as I’m terrified of needles, I was told that I was, in fact, one very lucky lady.

The only treatment I required due to the nature and location of the cancer and my genetic results was a double mastectomy as I had caught it at a very early stage. When my histology report came back after the operation, they also detected very early signs of a different type of breast cancer on the other breast, so I count myself as extremely fortunate to have discovered everything when I did.


What would you like to tell our community about how to spot the signs and symptoms of breast cancer?

Check yourself regularly - there is no specific way to check, but one way is to use soap in the shower to help it glide across the breast and check while you’re in different positions as some lumps show up in different ways. I had a type of fluid coming from my nipple for years after breast feeding my babies and, while I knew it wasn’t normal, it was never properly investigated at the time and now I know that perhaps it was a sign of something more sinister.

You know your own body, the feel of every area and generally are aware of lumps and bumps. As soon as you notice the tiniest change, even if you think it’s nothing, get it checked!

Breast cancer survior Dani in Cath Kidston x Breast Cancer Now Spot Jumper

Tell us about your involvement with Breast Cancer Now?


I owe every smile of every day to Breast Cancer Now. They are the place to turn for anything and everything to do with breast cancer. Without their world class research and incredible support, who knows what my future and so many others would have looked like. Ever since my diagnosis, my family have always supported Breast Cancer Now. We started with charity golf days for my husband’s business, Wear it Pink tea parties at my house and in the office, and high street pop up stalls in my local village. And in April this year, I took part in the incredible Breast Cancer Now’s flagship event, a fashion show at Somerset House in London.

Twenty five of us strutted ‘what boobs we had left’ down the catwalk and came out with wonderful friends for life, connected by one thing, breast cancer. One model has very sadly passed away since, and many of the other models are living with incurable, secondary cancer.


Cath Kidston x Breast Cancer Now Spot It bags and makeup bags on a plinth

Which piece from the Cath Kidston X Breast Cancer Now collection do you love most?

I’ve always bought items from Cath Kidston as I love pretty, girlie things (perhaps something to do with living with five men!). My beautiful holiday bag is from an older range that I just can’t ever part with, but my favourite piece from the latest Breast Cancer Now collaboration has to be the beautiful spot pyjama set.

Why is it important for us be supporting Breast Cancer Now and raising awareness?


My wish is that we can do more for people living with incurable cancer and that ordinary people like me, never have to face the uncertainty of whether this year will be their last.


Introducing our third limited-edition Cath Kidston X Breast Cancer Now collection, Hope and Happiness, featuring our reimagined classic spot print, updated with hand painted hearts and rose buds. We will be donating 10% of sales directly to Breast Cancer Now, to contribute to their life-changing support and world class research.