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Two girls in sunglasses, each wearing Cath Kidston Dreamer dresses, one in patchwork print and another in polka dot

How to Make a Summer Bucket List for Your Kids

The summer holidays are here and ready for us to make lasting memories with our little ones. Planning out a summer bucket list for your kids is a great way to ensure there are enough activities for the enitre holidays, whatever the weather. Get the kids involved to make sure you’re doing all the things they want to – as well as some activities that’ll keep parents happy.

Here, we have some ideas for fun-filled activities to add to your kids’ summer bucket lists.


Some kids love the great outdoors and others are more homebodies, but that doesn’t mean you can’t open their eyes to the wonders of outdoor activities. Make it fun and you may find they love exploring as little adventurers with their kids’ backpacks.

Camping or hiking, feeding the ducks, or roasting marshmallows on a fire are all great activities to do together as a family, enabling your kids to explore a whole new world away from home. And an added bonus of spending time in the countryside, is that they won’t be glued to their tablets!

If you’re nervous about taking your young kids camping in a tent for the first time, a caravan park could be the answer. Or, to ease them into it, try a night camping in the back garden – if they get cold, scared, or uncomfortable, you can always retreat back into the house and try again another night.

Boy in green, long-sleeved jersey pjs with a dinosaur print, by Cath Kidston, standing in front of a coordinating tent
Girl wearing sunglasses and a blue lobster printed swimsuit, by Cath Kidston, sitting with baby in a matching all-in-one

Water Parks

As the recent heat waves in the UK have shown us, activities that will keep your youngsters cool are also essential. For those days when it’s a bit too hot for playing in the garden, a water park is an ideal solution.

A great opportunity for fun and freedom, your little ones will love playing on the water slides and splashing around, plus it’s a great opportunity to teach any non-swimmers how to swim. If you get a pass at your local water park, you can gently move your little ones from the kids’ pools to the bigger ones and introduce them to the slides by sitting them on your knee. Who said water slides are just for kids!

Don’t forget to bring plenty of snacks and water in your backpack – as you will all need to stay refreshed and keep your energy levels up.

The freedom of the summer holidays allows your children to enjoy so many new experiences and opportunities, and just because they’re not formally learning at school, that doesn’t mean they’re not picking up new skills. Create a bucket list together with your little ones to make this a summer of new memories, that they will always remember. And at the end of the day they’ll be so exhausted, they’ll be ready to slip on their favourite kids’ pyjamas, snuggle under their printed bedding sets and have the best night’s sleep ever.