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Bright Side Stories - Cath Kidston
Behind the scenes of Cath Kidston summer 2021 shoot - picnic table
The Art Of Improvising: Behind The Scenes of Summer At Cath

The art of improvising. It’s one of the quirks and perks of being British. An innate ability to find summer in months of non-stop rain. The fun in the unfortunate. All it takes is a bit of imagination and the optimistic pursuit of joy, no matter what. Some call it eccentric, we call it the British summertime. Traditionally unpredictable. Infamously fickle.

Behind the shoot of Cath Kidston Summer collection


We wanted to capture that for Summer, that quintessential British spirit and the summer moments we all relate to. The picnic, the seaside, the truly terrible weather – all with a twist of the unexpected. And shooting safely during Covid-times, it was the same spirit that helped us build our campaign.

Floral Candles - Cath Kidston

Imagine flicking through an old family album. A polaroid here, a printed instant there. The camera balanced on a window ledge or shelf and the dash to get in frame before the timer ran out. Pages and pages of the same memories, just through different eyes. This was how we created summer, a play on perspectives and perspective. Capturing scenes in a way that allowed us to shoot safely and keep distance but create intimacy and emotion.


The shoot setups became lively vignettes full of narrative. Rooms in a house. Or scenes, somehow. And our models were such wonderful, warm personalities, they brought that story to life. The picnic table was the real focal point, with our community popping in and out, seeing them all around that table - it became the heart of our home.


behind the scenes of cath kidston summer shoot - model in bath tub


So, get ready to take your seat at our picnic table – we saved you a seat - piled with our jolly summer homewares, and everyone in their sunshine-ready best.

Behind the scenes of the cath kidston summer shoot - picnic tablescape
Layering up of Cath Kidston summer picnic shots