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How to use Beeswax Wraps - Cath Kidston
Unexpected Ways to Use Beeswax Wraps

Every season, our creative teams work hard to find and design new and innovative sustainable solutions to support you (and ourselves) in making more eco-conscience decisions day-to-day. All in a bid to do our bit to be kinder to our planet. That’s by both sourcing sustainable fabrications (like our new recycled canvas) and by partnering with companies that offer earth-kind products to help us reduce and reuse.

We’re delighted to have teamed up with Beeswax Wraps, a British company based in the glorious rolling hills of the Cotswolds. Using their sustainably sourced ingredients and all-natural secret recipe, they use organic cotton and British Beeswax to craft their plastic-free, reusable alternative to cling film.

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What they do:


You can use them to go over, under or around anything you want to keep fresh. Like sandwiches, that tricky-other-half of your avocado, greens and salad leaves or even to prove dough and keep your bread fresh. Their waxy coating is self-sealing and they’re easy to keep clean between uses with a spot of soap and water. Properly looked after, they’ll last you up to a year or more, replacing many a’ roll of plastic wrap in the process.


Why they're magic:


As well as being practical for real-life, we love that they’ve been crafted to have such a long life, too. After regular use, you might find that your beeswax wraps begin to lose their stickiness and go a little floppy. But, with a quick fix to refresh your wraps, ironing them between two sheets of parchment paper will bring them back to life.

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They’re also incredibly versatile, which is why we thought we’d share our favourite unexpected ways to use them.

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Piping bag for cake decorating

Yes, a piping bag. A clever replacement for disposable alternatives or those tricky ones that are really difficult to clean. Self-seal the wrap around your piping nozzle of choice and just wash with soap and water afterwards.

Board for rolling out dough

Rather than raining flour all over your kitchen, you can use your Beeswax Wrap as a rolling-board for your dough to stop it sticking to your kitchen top.

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Pouch for snacks

For lunchboxes, in the car or on the move – with a clever bit of folding here and tucking there, you can whip up a handy pouch for snacks. One that will keep them both safe and fresh.

Sustainable gifting as a bouquet of flowers wrap

Ever bought a beautiful bunch of flowers and then found yourself wrapping a bag around the stems to stop them dripping? Use your wraps instead. It will stop any leaks and make a wonderful add-on gift, too.

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Lid for open jams and jars

One of life’s reoccurring questions … where do all the lids go? For covering juices or smoothies in jars or homemade jams, the wrap will self-seal to form a protective lid.

Wrap up toiletries for travel

Oh yes, they’re useful for outside the kitchen, too. We love to use them to wrap toiletries for travel. Like soap bars, or to cover toothbrushes, or to contain anything prone to leaking disasters in your bag.

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