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What to Put in Your Reusable Advent Calendar

We all know that no matter how big you get, the countdown to Christmas is the most exciting part of it all. The songs, the glitter, the excuse to eat anything you want and shrug it off with ‘ah, well, it’s Christmas’ – really, is there any better time of year?

And this time round, we’ll take our Christmas countdown with a big side of EXTRA and that, friends, calls for a very special advent calendar.

Fabric Reusable Advent Calendar - Cath Kidston


For kids of all sizes (even the adult-sized ones), we say there’s more fun up for grabs when you fill your own advent calendar, which is why our hanging fabric advent is a festive favourite year on year.

Think about it. Chocolate is great and all (you’ll never hear us complaining) but popping little surprises in for each day and watching their face light up sounds like a special kind of magic. There’s no box or plastic to recycle each year and wholesome new traditions in the making.

But what do you put in there? Here’s some ideas:

For Grown Ups - Toiletries:

From lipbalm to hand sanitiser and moisturiser – little treats for cold-bullied skin make for wonderful additions to your homemade advent calendar.

For Little Ones – Toys:

Cheap and cheerful cars, yoyos or colouring pencils that you can pick up in bulk are just the right pocket-size with the right amount of fun for some sugar-free alternatives throughout December.

How sweet it is:

Okay, you probably do need chocolate in there in some capacity. We’re not monsters. Who needs one type of confectionary when you can have a sampling of them all? There’s no need to pick favourites between Quality Streets and Heroes, you pop a little something of everything in each little pocket instead, for the perfect Christmas advent calendar of all.


Or, maybe we get creative and think of fun activities you can do. Get crafty and make little tokens, or just tare off an IOU for everything from a pass from washing the dishes, the pick of the Friday night film or a dinner out. It’s a thoughtful alternative great for creating special moments together during the most magical time of year.

What’s in your calendar?

Be sure to show us what you’re popping in your own advent calendar, by tagging #MustBeCathKidston.

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