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Bright Side Stories - Cath Kidston
A Cath Kidston large floral tote bag held by model wearing a green Cath Kidston print dress

Your Essential Bags For Every Day

Your bag is the ultimate accessory – but while it completes your outfit, it prepares you for your day-to-day life too. Your bags carry everything you need to keep your day running as smoothly as possible – even on a hectic day.

What to put in your handbag

You’ll want to keep all your essentials in your handbag – you never know when you’ll need them! Naturally, you’ll want to keep your keys, purse, and some tissues in there, but don’t forget other day-to-day needs – hand sanitiser, a hairbrush, and a small bag of make-up and toiletries can help keep you feeling and looking fresh all day.

Backpacks for outdoor activities

There are plenty of outdoor activities that require somewhere to store our essentials, and pockets on our clothing simply aren’t enough. Fortunately, our range of backpacks for women can be used for many of these activities – particularly walking and hiking.

It's always a good idea to carry a bottle of water with you, especially on warmer days, and you may want to take a flask with a hot drink on colder days. A rucksack or backpack is perfect for carrying these and any other food and drink requirements you may have for the excursion.

It can be fun to incorporate other activities into your walk, such as a picnic in a peaceful spot as a little rest, so it’s helpful to know that you can even store a blanket and some snacks in your backpack for the trip.

Cath Kidston backpacks mounted on wall, one with pomegranate print & another with green floral print
Female model wearing a floral Cath Kidston dress with a cross-body bag in contrasting print

Crossbody bags for everyday outings

If you have a busy day full of errands ahead, but you still need to carry your essentials, a crossbody bag is the perfect choice. This adaptable option lets you go completely hands-free, so it’s ideal to sling around your body whether you’re shopping, popping to the bank, or grabbing lunch or a coffee. You can carry items, shopping bags, or tote bags without having to worry about your crossbody bag getting in the way.

These styles can also offer you versatility too, as you can be certain it will last you from your daytime routine to your night-time activities if needs be. A small, beautifully patterned crossbody bag can double up as your evening bag. Plus, you need not worry about your bag slipping off your shoulder, as it will stay secure in a diagonal fashion.

Overnight bags for your nights away

Treating yourself to a well-deserved trip is always exciting, even if it’s just for a night. But although a suitcase is usually the go-to for travelling, they aren’t your only option. Overnight bags are the perfect size for a short trip, as you can be confident knowing that your toiletries, clothes, and make-up will fit well inside.

Tote bags for running your errands

For every day, you need a practical and spacious bag that can fit everything you need, and there is no better choice than a tote bag. This capacious style can fit your gym kit or your work laptop with no problem, and if you do need more space, you can simply use two totes.

A range of shoulder bags for all occasions

Sometimes, we don’t require our bags to hold too many of our belongings. Perhaps you’re off to a dinner date or you’re meeting friends for a catch-up – here, one of our slingers, a pouch, or a shoulder bag is your go-to. It fits your essential items and looks stylish without being unnecessarily bulky. In this instance, you can focus on completing your outfit rather than prioritising the storage of your items, so here is the chance to opt for something bold.

You can also get roomier shoulder bags in bookbag, carryall, and tote styles that can fit essential workday items like your women’s lunch bag and laptop. This makes shoulder bag styles some of the most versatile around, and we recommend having more than one in your wardrobe.

The right bag will help you take on your daily challenges and look beautiful at the same time. Check out our blog on the bag trends to watch out for in 2022 to discover the perfect on-trend bag for you.

Female model wearing a purple & orange floral Cath Kidston dress with a shoulder bag in a matching print