To introduce our new collections we have asked Rebecca from Buying to give us behind the scenes information about the ranges. Take a peek at our Q&A to find out all the details regarding the lovely Mornington Leaves print and animal-inspired Park Wildlife collection.


  1. How did you choose the 4 animals for the collection?


We were inspired by British wildlife and wanted to pick different animals that we’re often lucky enough to spot in wild spaces around our London home, as well as further afield in the rest of Britain. The animals that feature in our collection represent the rich variety of species that we are lucky to have on our doorstep. Plus, after a few cold months, what better way to celebrate the beginning of spring than with the characterful charm of some creatures who will be looking forward to warmer days just as much as we are!

 Animal Plates

  1. Were there any others you considered using throughout the process?


There were a lot of other animals that we considered! At one point we had a safari collection, but decided we wanted to hero to our British heritage. The collection features a friendly fox, an adorable bunny, a parakeet pair, an elegant swan and loveable tortoise. The mix ensures that there is something for everyone!

 Animal Plates

  1. Do you have a favourite?


If I had to choose one, it’d be the swan. I love the navy background in the imagery and it sits well with the dark interiors trend that we’re currently seeing throughout the home industry. The swan also features on a cushion which has a beautiful pond detailing and quirky colours that will bring any space to life. The bunny is proving the favourite with our customers though – I think this is due to its charming appeal and pale pink background colour.

 Plates on Table

  1. What inspired you to choose the placement style for the plates?


Each placement is slightly different as we wanted to create an eclectic mix for the customers’ homes. The plates can be used as decorative pieces as well as to serve food on – it’s up to you to decide! There’s so much pretty detail too – each animal has its own location which makes the collection even more interesting, and it almost feels as if you’re on a mini journey through nature! The fox, in particular, is complemented by painterly leaves and blooming flowers, which add to his (or her!) cheeky charm.

 Mornington Leaves

  1. We first saw Mornington Leaves in our AW17 collection on fashion and bags, what made you decide to add this to our home collection?


Foliage is such a key interiors trend at the moment, and we really wanted to contribute to this in a Cath Kidston way. The Mornington Leaves print is verdant and green, so it seemed the perfect way to do it. The leaves give a fresh, springtime look to the collection, while buzzy bees and colourful butterflies flutter among the fronds to bring some brightness into your home – just in time for the new season!

Park Wildlife Cushions

  1. What inspired you to choose the colour palette and the gold foiling on the plates?


We wanted a colour palette that felt fresh and modern, and the gold foiling was an extra detail that makes the collection feel more sophisticated while adding a point of difference – it was important to us to create a unique collection that you couldn’t find anywhere else. The foiling is used differently on each plate and has been carefully designed to add a touch of luxury to each piece – it looks gorgeous when it catches the light.

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