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Frequently asked questionsFrequently Asked Questions

  • tickets

    1. Q: How many tickets am I allowed?

      A: Each booking is allowed a maximum of 10 guests (10 people in total per booking)

      Q: What do I need to bring with me on the day?

      A: Your ticket (from EventBrite) either as a print out or on your phone.

      • - Every guest must have their ticket, this is how we will count the number of people attempting the Guinness World Record event.
      - Proof of age identification.

      Q: What happens if I forget my ticket on the day?

      A: We will be able to look up your booking with the name of the lead booker on our system.

      Q: I want to be sat with my friends, is this allowed?

      A: We will endeavour to seat all guests that are on the same booking together (subject to venue and seating limitations). You will not be permitted to move to a different table on the day as all guests will have specific seats due to dietary and access requirements.

      Q: Will you be selling tickets on the door?

      A: No tickets will not be available for purchase on the door. They must be purchased online via EventBrite.

      Q: When will you stop selling tickets to the event?

      A: Tickets will stop being available on Wednesday 27th June or before this date if they have sold out.

      Q: Am I allowed to bring my children?

      A: Only people aged 18 or over will be permitted entrance. This is an adult only event.

      Q: What do I receive on the day?

      A: You will receive:

      • Guests will receive a minimum of 1 scone with a portion of jam and clotted cream and 1 English breakfast tea (gluten free, lactose free and vegan options will be available).
      • If the Guinness World Records title is achieved, all qualifying participants will receive a Guinness World Records medallion at the end of the event. Official Guinness World Records certificates will be available to purchase online from Monday 9th July 2018 via the Guinness World Records company.


    1. Q: Will I have to queue?

      A: We will endeavour to keep queues to a minimum however with 1000 guests anticipated to attend there may be an element of queuing.

      Q: As the event is +18 will I need ID for entry?

      A: Yes, you may be asked to prove that you are +18 with identification (driving license / passport).

      Q: Will there be security?

      A: Yes there will be security and a bag check upon entrance to the venue. Please ensure that you arrive promptly at 2pm.

      Q: What happens if I arrive late?

      A: If you arrive after the Guinness World Record attempt has commenced, you will not be permitted enter to the event and will not receive a refund. You must arrive promptly at 2pm.

      Q: What happens if I arrive at a different time from my friends and family?

      A: As long as each of your guests have their ticket then you can enter the venue separately. Doors will open at 2pm. If you have friends or family that are running late, please ensure that all guests that have arrived enter the venue and late comers can be admitted after. If your guest arrives after the Guinness World Record attempt has started then they won’t be permitted entrance to the venue and they will forfeit their place, their ticket will not be refunded.

      Q: Can I get a refund if I can’t come?

      A: No, refunds of your charitable donation are not possible if you can no longer attend.

      Q: Will there be a cloak room?

      A: Yes, however please avoid bringing large suitcases. The cloakroom will be free of charge.

      Q: Can I take photos during the event?

      A: Yes we would love you to take photos of the event and post on your social channels.

      Q: I’m registered blind, can I bring my guide dog?

      A: Yes

  • Guinness world records attempt

    1. Q: What if I don’t like tea/jam/cream do I still have to eat it?

      A: This is a Guinness World Record attempt therefore if you do not want to drink English Breakfast tea, or eat scones with jam and cream then consider not attending the event. If you do not drink and eat these items you will be disqualified from the Guinness World Record attempt.

      Q: What will happen on the day?

      A: Upon arrival at the event guests will be given a welcome drink in the beautiful Palm Court before being shown to their designated seat in the West Hall. Once everyone is seated Mary Berry will start the Guinness World Records attempt count down. All guests will then drink their English Breakfast tea and eat their scone with jam and tea (additional tea and scones will be available). The record attempt will be overseen by stewards and confirmed by a Guinness World Record official adjudicator. At the end of the Guinness World Record attempt the adjudicator will announce whether it is a successful or failed attempt. If we have a successful attempt, which we hope we do, then all qualifying guests will receive an official Guinness World Record medallion. The event will finish at 4pm.

      Q: What do I need to do to help achieve the Guinness World Record?

      A: 1. Arrive promptly at 2pm. The record attempt will have a prompt start and finish time.
      2. All attendees must drink 1 English breakfast tea and eat 1 scone with a portion of jam and clotted cream (gluten free, lactose free and vegan options will be available). Failure to drink and eat these items will result in a failed Guinness World Records title attempt. Alternative food and drinks will not be served. Water will be available.
      3. Guests must remain seated for the duration of the event.
      4. The event will be adjudicated by a Guinness World Records official adjudicator. The adjudicators decision is final.
      5. Confirmation of a winning or a failed Guinness World Records attempt will be confirmed at the end of the event. All guests must remain in the event area until this decision is announced.

      Q: Can I bring my own food and drink?

      A: No, in order to successfully achieve the Guinness World Record attempt all guests must consume the food and drink provided.

  • travel

    1. Q: What is the full address for the venue?

      A: Alexandra Palace Way, London, N22 7AY

      Q: Where can I park?

      A: Alexandra Palace has 1500 free parking spaces including 75 blue badge parking spaces. SAT NAV postcode N22 7AY

      Q: Is the venue accessible for people with limited mobility?

      A: Yes, there are ramps leading up to the entrance. Please detail on your ticket if you require disabled parking or wheelchair friendly seating. Please visit Ally pally for more info.

      Q: What public transport options are available?

      A: You can arrive by London Underground, rail or bus. Please see here for full venue information:

  • mary berry

    1. Q: Can I have my photo taken/book signed/autograph with Mary Berry?

      A: No, Mary Berry is unable to participate in individual book/autograph signings or feature in personal photographs. However, photography is encouraged throughout the event, including the countdown which will be conducted by Mary.

      Q: Will I get to meet her?

      A: Mary Berry is unable to personally meet guests however, looks forward to welcoming all participants during the countdown to the Guinness World Record attempt.

      Q: Will Mary be conducting a Q&A?

      A: No, there will be no Q&A session during the event. Should you have any questions regarding the event itself please contact

      Q: Can I share my personal bakes with Mary?

      A: On this occasion, Mary is unable to receive gifts including baked goods. In addition, in order to successfully achieve the Guinness World Record attempt all guests must consume the food and drink provided and therefore are not permitted to bring their own perishables.

      Q: Will Mary be participating in the Guinness World record attempt?

      A: Yes, Mary is looking forward to hosting the record attempt and participating in the challenge.

      Q: Will Mary be cooking and/or judging at the event?

      A: No, Mary Berry will not be cooking and/or judging any bakes during the event but, looks forward to participating in the challenge.

      Q: Is Mary an ambassador for Friends of the Elderly?

      A: No, Friends of the Elderly is a charity supported by Cath Kidston.

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